One winning Student Team will be selected for each of the three challenge categories. The winning Student Team in each category will be awarded a $10,000 prize, to be distributed among the members of the Student Team.

Winning Student Teams will be honored at the NIBIB DEBUT Award Ceremony during the 2012 Conference of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) in Atlanta, GA, in October 2012. Each winning Student Team will receive, in addition to the prize, up to $2,000 toward the travel and registration costs for the members of the Student Team to attend the award ceremony. Winners will need to provide receipts to document travel expenses for reimbursement purposes in accordance with National Institutes of Health policy and applicable laws and regulations (http:/, for example:

  • Air travel must be by coach class, unless an alternative is medically necessary and documented.
  • If you choose to drive to the meeting instead of taking a common carrier (airplane, train or bus), you may be reimbursed at 51 cents per mile, not to exceed the cost of common carrier.
  • Limousine/taxi reimbursements are provided to and from airports as well as to and from meetings. Receipts are required whenever a fare exceeds $75 per trip
  • Per diem rates include lodging, and meals and incidental expenses (M&IE). Reimbursement for these varies by city. The first meeting of BMES at which the award ceremony will be held will be in October 2012 in Atlanta. The current allowable room rate is $132 and the M&IE is $56. For future years, the lodging and M&IE for the host city will be posted on the NIBIB website.

Reimbursement rates are subject to change. Updates will be posted on the NIBIB website at